'I feel violated'; Beacon Hill family traumatized by home invasion

A family in Beacon Hill is on-edge after a masked gunman barged into their home, held the family at gunpoint and robbed them last week.

Homeowner and victim Carmen Yu speculates the robbery may have been racially motivated, suggesting a stereotype that Asian families may have more cash and jewelry around their house.

Yu told FOX 13 News she couldn’t imagine any other reason why a gunman would barge into her home.

"So, it’s splintered here," said Yu, showing the damage to her home. "I feel violated. I feel like, this neighborhood is fairly safe."

Yu said she was doing laundry late Wednesday night, when heard a loud noise upstairs. She worried the noise was her father taking a fall, but she learned quickly it wasn’t.

 "I walked out of the laundry room and was confronted by this tall guy who held a gun to my head and telling me to get back into the laundry room," said Yu. "I thought I was going to get raped or killed. Those were the thoughts running through my head."

Yu said four gunmen wearing dark clothes and face coverings kicked down her front door, and then gathered everyone onto the living room floor.

She says the men then ran room to room, ransacking her home searching for valuables.

But, she wasn’t worried about property—she worried her family members could be hurt.

"It would have been a few kids. I have my daughter and my child inside of me," said Yu, "it’s really hard not to replay those memories in my head."

She managed to set her phone to record while she huddled on the floor with her daughter. In the recording, footsteps can be heard, but the criminals’ voices are muddled.

Yu worries her family was targeted due their race.

"There’s a perception that’s out there that Asian families have lots of cash at the house," said Yu.

After robbing them, Yu said the crooks busted through their gate that led to an alleyway. There, she said they jumped into a getaway car.

She is thankful nobody was injured, but worries the next victims might not be so lucky. 

"I want other families to be protected, to protect themselves and be prepared, and don’t let your guard down," warned Yu.

FOX 13 News saw Seattle police searching the neighborhood today for any surveillance video that might help identify the burglars or their getaway car. Officers declined to share any details about their investigation, other than to say detectives are working on it. 

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