I-405 express toll lanes bring in 3 times more money than expected

BOTHELL, Wash. -- The new I-405 express toll lanes are generating millions of dollars more than the original projections.

According to our news partners The Seattle Times, the opening months totaled $3.7 million.  The state projected the figure to be closer to $1 million.

The toll lanes, from Lynnwood to Bellevue, were part of a plan to help alleviate congestion and improve traffic flow in south Snohomish and northeast King counties. However, drivers were furious when tolls reached $10 in December and drivers say the lanes create longer commutes.

In response to complaints and criticism, WSDOT is considering making the lanes free on weekends, nights, and non-peak hours.

Last week, Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson lost her job following complaints over WSDOT projects including the toll lanes. Senate Republicans ousted Peterson on Friday, without any warning, when they voted not to confirm her.

WSDOT says money generated by I-405 express toll lanes will help manage traffic on the corridor.

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