Hundreds show up to see Navy vet's Halloween house in Marysville

MARYSVILLE, Wash. - A Navy veteran in Marysville spent thousands pf dollars decorating his house for Halloween for the last few years but very few people in the area seemed to know about it. That all changed this year after word of the elaborate decorations spread on social media.

For the last three years Peter Martinez has been going all out to decorate his Marysville’s house on Halloween but says the crowds were smaller than he expected.

“The year before, I think it was about 200,” Martinez said.

But this year this Navy veteran says that number tripled after word of his Halloween decorations were shared on Facebook 3,000 times.

“My father is a vet as well in the Navy so I was like 'I have to go and see this guy’s house,' and I just really appreciate his service. I had to come and check it out,” said Carla Cardoza.

Martinez says he’s spent over $1,000 on Halloween decorations. He says his own son is now an adult.

So why does he have such elaborate Halloween decorations every year?

“You have people going everywhere, where they’re getting candy and there’s tainted candy. You come here and you’re safe and that’s why I do that. I want them to know there is a place to go,” Martinez said.

Martinez’ Halloween decorations are quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite. One parent says he’s been bringing his kids to see the house since Martinez started decorating.

“I have three children ages 3, 5 and 10 and that’s all they’ve been asking for in the last three weeks, ‘Can we go to that house? Can we go to that house?” said Thomas Migmeault.

Martinez says as long as the community continues to enjoy what he does, he’ll keep spreading Halloween cheer to trick-or-treaters for years to come.