Hundreds rally in Seattle against racist attacks on Asian Americans

Saturday, hundreds gathered in Seattle’s International District to fight for the end of violence, hatred, and bias against Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans.

There has been a rise in hate crimes targeting Asian Americans.

Seattle Police report 14 incidents of Anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020, That number is an increase of about 55% from the previous year’s numbers.

In King County, officials report 59 total hate crimes in the year 2020. The previous year had a total of 39.

"I’m tired of having to validate and explain our oppression because people do not see it as often, and I hope now with this coverage, and the national rise in hate crime, and the documentation of it, that more people are aware of it," said Annie Zhou.

Zhou lives in Seattle’s International District. She says the neighborhood has felt like home, until a recent random violent attack, which sent two people to the hospital. Seattle Police’s Bias Crimes Unit is investigating that case.

"That’s changed my way of living the last couple weeks. That’s something that we shouldn’t have to do," she said.

Zhou says she is rallying and marching to fight for a change, so that everyone can feel safe.

That is the focus of the "We Are Not Silent" event. Organizers say they are taking a stand to end violence, hatred, and bias against Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans.

The Seattle Police Department says they are committed to documenting and investigating all bias incidents and crimes. The department asks anyone who feels they have been victimized to call 911.

Earlier this week, U.S Attorney Tessa Gorman released a statement regarding hate crimes involving Asian Americans in King County, saying these crimes have no place in the community.