Hundreds rally at several protests in Tacoma

TACOMA, WA - Friday, hundreds marched and rallied through the streets of Tacoma raising awareness for the need for equality.

Tacoma is facing unrest, including controversy over its own investigation into the death of a black man in police custody.

Protests took place at several different locations through Tacoma including Wright Park, UW Tacoma’s campus, and the streets of the city.

“I’m hoping to see as many people as possible and it be as peaceful as possible,” said Sonja Jones.

Jones is 19 years old. She organized an event at UW’s campus.

“The number of black people that we’re seeing on the media being murdered by police is incredibly high,” she said.

She organized the rally to put a focus on the need for change across the board.

Several other events took place throughout the day, including a march through the streets of the city.

Hundreds of protesters marched up Pacific Avenue disrupting traffic, but maintained peace. One of the organizers said they want to disrupt the norm, because normal is not working.

The march ended at Wright Park, but protesters say they will continue to come out until there is a change.

This effort is exactly what Jones says needs to happen.

“This rally here, with people standing in the street, if we don’t have any action behind it, that’s all it is. People standing in the street,” she said.

Among a day full of rallies and protest, Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards also spoke to the city at another press conference. This is her third press conference in just as many days.

She is calling for swift action and answers regarding an investigation into the death of Manuel Ellis, a black man who died in Tacoma Police custody