Huge candy haul? Donate it!

For kids, dressing up in a costume and collecting candy from the neighbors on a school night (or several nights) can be a dream come true.  But for parents, faced with the inevitable sugar rush and the risk of a battle over miniature candy, it can be more of a nightmare.

So here's a possible solution: let your kids trick-or-treat to their hearts' content - and then donate the candy.

Operation Gratitude is accepting Halloween candy until November 8th.  Some of it will be added to care packages for U.S. troops, and the rest will be delivered to first responders.

If you want to contribute, you can box up the candy yourself, and mail it to Operation Gratitude - or just drop it off at one of the collection centers in our area.

You can find the closest donation center here.

Operation Gratitude is only accepting leftover Halloween candy, and says you should not buy candy specifically to donate.  If you don't have candy, but still want to get involved, click here.