How to protect yourself from mail and package thieves

SEATTLE  --  Tis the season for mail and package thieves, caught on surveillance cameras, approaching front doors and taking what doesn’t belong to them.

“We’ve had our mail stolen numerous times, but this was the most annoying time because it was my daughter’s birthday this week and the thief stole my daughter’s birthday card from her grandmother,” says Patrick Welsch of Queen Anne.

Welsch says he’s had enough and filed a police report after he says his mail was stolen Sunday morning from his Queen Anne home.

“Well, I’m told that I need to get a slot mailbox now so the mailman can send the mail through the slot,” says Welsch.

But beware, security experts say not every mailbox is as secure as you think. In fact, Jerold McGlothlin of 25/7 Protection says you might want to think about investing in a higher-end locking mailbox to stop those sneaky thieves.

“It’s everywhere, therefore, the bad guy is comfortable with the box.  The bad guy knows they can take a screwdriver, they pop it and the door is down.  And then quite often we see this box, after we just paid a hundred dollars going to a secure box, or they teach them how to reach their arm in at an angle and get what they want,” says McGlothlin.

As for protecting the packages sitting on your doorstep, Jerold says there’s no getting around it.  Your best bet is to take them inside immediately.  If you have shrubs or bushes, make sure they are trimmed back so thieves don’t have an easy spot to hide out.

As the holidays approach and special items are delivered to your home, remember to stay vigilant because package and mail thieves can strike at any time in any neighborhood. If it happens to you, make sure you report it to police.