How to organize your kids' closets in time for Back-to-School!

BOTHELL -- Has the summer been a bit chaotic? Let our styling expert Darcy Camden help! She shows parents the BEST ways to sort through a messy closet, and how to decide what to keep and what to toss.

Among her tips:

- Work with your kids to separate clothes into piles. It's important to get the clothes OUT of the closet and in front of your nose, where you can see and touch the fabric and talk about what is REALLY still going to be worn.

- If something is too small but has sentimental value (hand-made sweaters sent as gifts from family members that you just don't have the occasion to wear, perhaps?) consider making it Mr. Teddy Bear's new outfit. There are ways to repurpose!

For more styling tips, check out Darcy's blog at;  or click HERE to learn more about her company, Styled Seattle!