How little could you REALLY spend and still make it to the Super Bowl?

SEATTLE -- Want to go to Super Bowl XLIX? It's going to cost you.


But say you want to do it for as cheap as possible. How little could you spend and still make it to Super Bowl XLIX?

Well, that's an interesting question.

Lets do some figuring, shall we?

According to, the least expensive ticket for the Seahawks vs. Patriots game Feb. 1 in Glendale, Arizona is $2,573. This gets you a seat in the upper corner of University of Phoenix Stadium. The nosebleeds. But hey, you're in the stadium.

You also have to get there. From Seattle.

If you decide to fly (we recommend), you can find tickets leaving Seattle on Saturday and returning on Monday morning for $599 on 

It's not great -- especially since we originally thought it was much cheaper -- but it's not horrible, either. Does $599 beat the 30-ish hour drive? You decide.

But you're also going to need a place to say. This is the toughie. Given that hotels in the area have understandably jacked up the prices around Super Bowl weekend, and a lot of places are already booked, the cheapest hotel according to is the Red Roof Inn at the Phoneix Airport for $220 a night. If you stay for two nights, you're tilting the scales at $440.

This seemed a little high to us, so we looked for more budget options and called Motel 6. The Motel 6 receptionist told us every Motel 6 in the area is sold out around the dates of the Super Bowl. She did say there's a Studio 6 in Mesa Arizona -- about 15 minutes from Phoenix -- for $314.

Not going to do it. $220 a night it is.

So you stay at the airport hotel for $220 a night. University of Phoenix Stadium is 21 miles from the airport. If you want to make your own schedule, you're going to need a car. A two-day car rental in Arizona runs about $130 plus taxes. That comes out to about $180.

Even if you don't eat out, you're going to need to feed yourself. Think Albertson's hotdogs and Top Ramen before and after the game. Purchase no food out within 10 miles of that stadium unless you're looking to pay a premium. And there's gas for the rent-a-car and the barest of bare spending allowances. Think unemployed college years, but you still need to buy some SWAG at Super Bowl XLIX.

With food, gas and SWAG, we figure you're going to need $150 pocket change. Bare minimum.

All totaled, we have:

Game ticket -- $2,573

Flight -- $599

Hotel -- $440

Car -- $180

Food/ pocket money -- $150

That makes a minimum of $3942. With a car.

Dang, you say. What if you don't need a car? You prepared to walk to the airport hotel, and then take a shuttle to the game (we figure there will be shuttles to the game). Save $180.

Even then, you're looking at $3762 total. For a two-day, trip of a lifetime to watch the Seahawks beat down the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. Is that too much? Only you can say.

With gas so cheap, you could always drive down. Maybe even sleep in your car. Bring all your own food. Your sister's husbands co-worker has a deal on tickets to the game. The options for squeezing every last cent out of a trip are endless. Not enviable, but endless. It's almost impossible to say for sure how cheap you can make the trip.

Of course, you know what is enviable? Going to the Super Bowl. While the trip is pricey, the experience is undoubtedly priceless.

God speed, travelers.


Here are some of the best idea's we've received from Facebook on how to make your trip cheaper.

David Town -- I got a flight to San Diego. Yesterday it was $289. Driving from there.

Sheila Partlow -- My husband is flying to LAX for $228, renting a car for $50, and staying with a friend! He's still on the hunt for his ticket though

Rachel Bynes -- Drive instead of fly.. If your vehicle has great gas mileage your good or an rv then you can drive and have your own spot to sleep plus a fridge for food saves you on that too

Katie Lyon -- My husband used airline miles, hotel points and is renting a car and so far it is only $120. He's flying to LAX and driving.