Hotlines inundated with calls for help on the heels of Kavanaugh hearing

TACOMA - For therapists across the country, calls for help are pouring in.

On the same day Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified, the National Sexual Assault Hotline says the number of people who called in on Thursday skyrocketed by 201 percent .

And locally, on Friday King County Sexual Assault Resource Center says they are dealing with a significant uptick in calls. Therapist Tate Bates says at Rebuilding Hope in Pierce County calls of distress are coming in.

“It can start to impede in a person’s life,” Bates said.

Especially if the Kavanaugh hearings trigger PTSD in some sexual assault survivors.

Some signs of PTSD are irritability, aggression, an overwhelming sense of isolation and being overly fearful. Experts say if you feel this way even if you cannot get to a therapist, verbalize them to someone you trust.

“Healing isn’t linear it looks different for each person,” Bates said.

Bates says people who have been traumatized can wear the scar for life if they don’t address the hurt.

“People may not want to engage with romantic relationships with family there is a whole systemic thing that happens for survivors,” Bates said.

That’s why experts say in most cases coming out of secrecy is the first step to healing.

“A number one indicator is that someone will recover is that they have belief by trusted family, friends coworkers and people respond to their stories and say I hear you,” Bates said.