Hotel's Facebook plea rallies town, saves bride's big day

ORKNEY, Scotland -- A woman who lost her luggage right before her wedding is celebrating a remarkable day and an entire town of new well-wishers all thanks to Facebook.

Lucia Sessions arrived in Orekney Scotland Monday only to learn her luggage hadn’t arrived with her. Sessions told the staff at the Kirkwall Hotel that that meant she didn’t have her wedding wardrobe.

So what did the staff do? They took to their Facebook page to ask the locals for help.

The post asking for dress and shoes for the soon-to-be-bride instantly garnered comments.

Women across Orkney offered shoes, a veil, a tiara and so much more.

"Does the bride to be need any nail polish or jewellery? I'm happy to lend that too," wrote Catherine Tullock.

Within hours Sessions’ big day was saved and it was all thanks to one Facebook post and the kindness of strangers.

The blushing bride even offered this thank you message to the entire community.