Horse killed in possible cougar attack near Port Orchard

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. --- A horse was killed on a ranch near Port Orchard Wednesday morning in what authorities believe might have been a cougar attack.

The horse named Tina was out in a pasture when the attack happened at a ranch along Southeast Lider Road.

The owner, Elizabeth Lumsden, said her horse was attacked sometime around 4 a.m.

"We went out to feed at 5 a.m. and we noticed we were minus a horse.  We went out to the pasture to look and immediately saw her," Lumsden said.

It appears whatever attacked the horse went for the throat.  Fish and Wildlife officers are investigating.  They say it does appear this might be the work of a cougar.  Officials say they are known to roam in the area.  Officers have killed three in the last couple of years.

Elizabeth is worried about her other five horses.

"We've kept the lights on in the barn, keeping a radio on, to make it think that humans are present and hopefully it will scare it away," she said.

Fish and Wildlife have set up a trap to try and catch the animal.  If they do, officials say it will be put down because it attacked the horse.