Hookah lounge ordered to stop passing the pipe, fined $89,000

EVERETT -- The Hideout Hookah Lounge in downtown Everett was cited for violating the state's 2005 law that prohibits indoor smoking and was ordered to comply with state laws in addition to being fined $89,100.

The lounge, also known as the Wetmore Cafe, had been allowing patrons to smoke hookah pipes indoors. The pipes are typically large glass pipes that are filled with water and use flavored tobacco and are shared among a group of people.

The business opened in February 2012 and immediately drew the attention of the Snohomish Health District. In a statement released by the Health District, they said several of their staff had visited the lounge and told the staff about the state's Smoking in Public Places (SIPP) law, which bans indoor smoking, prohibits smoking within 25 feet of an entrance or windows and requires the posting of "no smoking" signs. The city of Everett and the state Liquor Control Board were also involved in informing the business of its violation of the law.

A judge ruled that the lounge was in violation state law and that it would be fined a $100 per day violation.