Homeowners warned of potential landslide in Lacey neighborhood

OLYMPIA -- Thurston County has warned some homeowners of the potential for a landslide in the Lacey area, officials said Friday.

"Thurston County Emergency Management this (Friday) afternoon was notified by the Thurston Conservation District that a slope in the vicinity of Marian Drive NE is actively sliding and that the slide extends to neighboring properties," the EM department said.

The original inspection was performed by the Thurston Conservation District on Jan. 9, it said, but added that with heavy rains and high groundwater over the past several weeks "the potential for landslides is increasing."

"The impacted homeowners, and other county residents whose homes are on slopes or bluffs, are advised to be aware of the signs of potential slides," EM said.

It listed the signs as:

    More information can be obtained from a Landslide Hazard Fact Sheet from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources at