Homeowner tells how he surprised would-be burglar, beat him with fists and garden shears

SEATTLE -- Seattle police say a 30-year-old would-be burglar picked the wrong house to break into on Tuesday.

The homeowner in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood caught the suspect and "proceeded to beat him about the head with his fists and a pair of garden shears," Seattle police said.

The homeowner, Chuck Curtis, said, "I landed most of the blows."

According to police, the homeowner called 911 at about 3:30 p.m. after he saw a man forcing his way into his garage and then moving toward his house.

As the homeowner was on the phone with 911 dispatchers, he heard the suspect knocking on his front door, followed by the sound of glass breaking.

The homeowner went outside to look for the suspect, but didn't find him. When he turned back, police said, he found the suspect in his kitchen, holding a pair of garden shears.

The homeowner jumped on the suspect,  snatched the shears from his hands, and began beating the home intruder over the head with the tool and his fists as he chased him out the back door of the home.

The suspect jumped on the homeowner's girlfriend’s bike, which he had removed from the garage, and fled down the street. But police officers  caught up to the suspect four blocks away and took him into custody.

The suspect complained of head injuries and was treated at the scene by medics before officers booked him into the King County Jail for investigation of burglary.

The homeowner said he injured his hand during the confrontation, but did not require treatment.