Homeless man charged in deadly attack on married couple in tent under Magnolia Bridge

SEATTLE -- A homeless man was charged Thursday with murder and assault Thursday for a vicious bludgeoning attack on a transient married couple in their tent under the Magnolia Bridge that left the woman dead and her husband injured.

Allen Robert Pulphus, 52, was ordered held on $500,000 bail. He is charged with second-degree murder and first-degree assault for the attack on Stacey and Scott Davis on Monday night.

Arraignment is set for Sept. 10.

According to court documents, prosecutors contend Pulphus, "apparently unprovoked, attacked a married couple after they had retired to their tent, under the Magnolia Bridge, for the evening."

"The female victim was beaten to death with a wood and metal bludgeon the defendant had fashioned prior to the attack," the documents said. "She was struck over 8 times, most of which were in the head. Her skull was obliterated.

"The male victim suffered serious head trauma from the defendant's bludgeon as well and also described the defendant attempting to break his neck before he was able to escape and summon help.

"The defendant was known to the victims as a fellow transient, and he had lived in a nearby tent for the preceding months."

Police said the defendant used a 6-foot wooden club that appeared to have some type of metal shaft attached to it on one end.

Police said he has substance abuses issues, a history of assaultive behavior and a criminal history.

After the attack, the defendant took refuge in his tent and was surrounded by police. He shouted Bible verses, police said, and refused to come out.  When he attempted to escape at one point, he was shot in the leg and arrested.

According to the court documents, Pulphus told police he did not know what happened to the Davises and that he was in his tent asleep at the time of the attack. He admitted to making the club that was covered in blood, police said. And the surviving victim, Scott Davis, identified Pulphus as the attacker, prosecutors said.