Homeless in Seattle's Interbay area have one week to leave RV 'Safe Lot'

SEATTLE -- The city of Seattle set up temporary safe lots earlier this year, so people living in their cars and RVs would have a place to go. But one of those lots is closing next week, and the people living there don’t know where they’ll be able to go.

It’s not easy living in a RV, but Danny Fletcher says it’s gotten better since the city opened a safe lot in Interbay.

“As a group, as far as safety and keeping everything clean, everything works out great,” he says.

But Fletcher and his neighbors can’t stay here much longer. The city says the lot off 15th Avenue West is scheduled to close on Friday, June 3.

“Supposedly they have a lease agreement with the owner here, and they're building a building,” says Robz Archibald.

The city is planning on opening another safe lot location in the Sodo district, but it only has space for 15 RVs. Right now, there are 25 in Interbay.

The other problem is many of these RVs have mechanical issues. Archibald says he can’t afford to have his RV fixed or towed.

“We've tried everything we can think of to get it to run,” he says. “If I lose this, I lose my home.”

The nonprofit group Facing Homelessness is trying to do their part. They’re asking people with mechanical skills to come out Saturday and help these RV owners change tires and replace batteries.

“This is a chance for the community to come together and do something positive,” say Rex Hohlbein.

Hohlbein says government agencies don’t have enough resources to fix the homeless issue on their own, so communities need to step up.

“People living in RVs, in tents, under bridges, they are like you and me,” he says. “We are all the same.”

Archibald hopes people will care enough to lend a hand this weekend.

“Where there's no help, there's no hope. Where there's no hope, there's no life.”

Facing Homelessness will be at the Interbay lot from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. They’ll also be accepting donations to help buy parts and gas cards. For more info go here.