Homeless camp coming to Ballard despite strong opposition

SEATTLE -- Despite a tough fight from hundreds in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, Northwest Market Street will be home to a new homeless encampment.

Another full community meeting was held Monday night as concerned neighbors asked tough questions.

The vacant lot on Market will soon be covered in tents and tiny houses. It’s a move some in Ballard say they had absolutely no say in.

Advocates defend the decision and welcome the move.

“The city looked at several different sites that were proposed by the business community and none of the sites are available for us to allow people to camp on before the winter months hit Seattle,” encampment advocate and city task force member Karen Studders explained at the meeting.

Some neighbors say their home value is at risk of plummeting. City leaders admitted research on the matter hasn’t been done.

The informational meeting is the last step before the city gets their official permit, slated to occur in about two weeks

Officials expect the camp to be up and running by late November.