Home security systems, worth the cost?

SEATTLE --  Every 13 seconds a home burglary happens in the United States. Thieves prefer easy access, through unlocked doors or windows. On average, burglars are in and out in less than 12 minutes!

Q13 FOX spoke to Brent Spraker, a product manager with PEMCO Insurance, about ways to protect your home.

"If you've got stuff you're trying to keep them from finding think about places they wouldn't look immediately," Spraker said. "If you have a portable safe, put it in your kid's room, not in your own bedroom."

Spraker said many security tips you already know:

    Between installing and maintaining, a security system can cost hundreds of dollars a year. We asked Spraker, are security systems, worth it?

    "For a lot of people it is worth it," Spraker said. "You get piece of mind, you get a deterrent, you get a discount on your insurance and you protect your valuables and your loved ones."

    Spraker advised, if you choose a home security system, there are four level of protection to consider.

    "One is the sign in your yard or the sticker on your window with no system to back it up," Spraker said. "Another would be a system that makes a noise, which is better than nothing. The next level would be something that tells you on your phone, but if you don't have your phone with you or you don't pick it up when it rings, that's not going to be as helpful. The top one would be one that's centrally monitored by an alarm systems company and that's going to notify the police immediately."

    It's important to note, security system discounts on homeowners or renters insurance currently only apply to the top two tiers of security systems.