Home remodeling projects that pay off

Housing seems like it's getting more and more expensive, so a lot of people are staying in their homes longer.

People realize that if they were trying to buy their current homes today, they would be priced out of their own neighborhoods.

For those who want to remodel their home for resale or spruce up their curb appeal, the experts at PEMCO insurance said there are certain projects that are worth doing, like replacing the garage door.

"Other great ideas are a nice steel front door, stone veneers for the house as well as composite decking," said Kristine Zewe, a quality analyst with PEMCO Insurance. "Those are all really functional and they withstand the weather well so they pay off well at time of sale."

PEMCO also has a list of projects you should not spend money on. Here are some examples:

    You should start with projects that focus more on function than flash.

      Remodeling your home can be a good thing, but you have to pick your projects carefully.

      "If you're going to be moving in a few years, you'll want to take into consideration the return on value," said Zewe. "If you're going to be living in this home for a very long time, then do what makes you happy."

      PEMCO said homes that are priced in the low or mid-range are most in demand.

      Too much remodeling can push your home into the higher end and can actually make it harder to sell.