Home preps begin for unpredictable winter storm season

KING COUNTY  --  The impacts of this stormy weather can be felt on the roads and even inside your home. We all know how easy it is for some areas to lose power when the winds kick up.

All over South King County, it’s a sloppy mess Monday night.  The roads are wet.  There’s standing water at every intersection. And Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelly says we can expect more of the same overnight and into the morning commute.

    Karen Rich, with Take Winter by Storm, says now is the time to double-check the batteries inside your carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms.  And keep those cell phones charged at all times, so you’re not stuck if the power goes out.

    “The first thing really to do is to make sure you call your utility company or use their online services or apps.  That will let you know when the power is expected to be back on,” Rich said.

    Other essential items include a hand cranked or battery-operated radio and a good flashlight.

    “We always recommend a flashlight with extra batteries that fit that flashlight or several mini flashlights, rather than using candles.  They cause one more hazard in a home when its dark.  You don’t want to trip and have a candle fall and cause a fire in your house,” says Rich.

    Being prepared both at home and on the road, means you’ll have a smoother transition into this unpredictable stormy season ahead.

    Another tip: make sure you have warm clothes and blankets handy at home and in the car.  And remember, never use a BBQ or gas powered grill as a heating source inside your home.