Holy Bat-Cam, Seattle!

SEATTLE -- The Woodland Park Zoo is introducing Bat Cam, a live stream inside the zoo's Indian flying fox exhibit, Thursday, just in time for Halloween.

The live camera will be equipped with night vision and operate from 8 p.m. until the morning. It will give bat-enthusiasts a chance to view nighttime bat movement.

Zoo officials hope the live camera will help expel some myths about bats that persist in the general public.

"Bats are an incredible group of mammals but unfortunately, they're misunderstood," Woodland Park Zoo curator Jenny Pramuk said. "Without bats, we would be overrun with insects. They're sophisticated navigators -- not a single other species is blind-natural pest controllers-- and they're no more likely than other wild animals to carry disease."

Pramuk said bat populations across the U.S. and the world are declining.

To visit the bat cam, click here.