Hit-and-run suspect dead after 11-hour standoff in Federal Way

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- Police say a hit-and-run suspect is dead after an 11-hour standoff.

Federal Way police said two suspects, a man and a woman, ran from a hit-and-run collision before noon Wednesday near Military Road South and S. 282nd Street. The woman was taken into custody, but the man broke into a house nearby.

Officers called SWAT after learning that the man could be armed inside the home.

Hours later, SWAT entered the house and found the suspect in a crawlspace.

Police say the man fired at officers and they fired back. It's unclear if the man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound or by officer gunfire.

Julia Hocking, the homeowner but who wasn't home when the suspect broke in, said she had guns in the house and she thinks the suspect found them and has been shooting into the ceiling of her house.

Hocking said the suspect tried to get into a neighbor's house first, then tried her house and managed to get in while she was away.

“Our only concern is that the cat gets out,” said Hocking. “That’s it. The house is toast at this point. There’s gunshots and tear gas and all of that.”

The cat was reportedly found safe Thursday morning.

The incident is now being investigated by the Valley Investigation Team.