Hiker who got lost near Mailbox Peak rescued; friend explains what happened

NORTH BEND, Wash. -- King County searchers rescued a 25-year-old female hiker who had gotten lost in the snow on a mountain near Mailbox Peak.

A friend, Hope Black, who had been hiking with the lost woman, managed to make it down the mountain  earlier on her own and was uninjured, authorities said.

Black told reporters the two had started their hike at 11 a.m., "which wasn't smart. When we got up, after the first hill, it was white-out and we couldn't see ... so we turned around. She was going really fast down the mountain ... she got way ahead of me.

"We lost each other on the trail and I could hear her voice and then when I came to where I thought I heard her voice, she was gone."

She said hikers shouldn't "get cocky in the mountains" and should always take the 10 essentials in their backpack even when planning a short hike.

Rescuers said they were able to make cell phone contact with her stranded friend at about 8 p.m. A spokesman said she reportedly was very cold and had no food or dry/warm clothing suitable for snowy conditions.

Rescuers later reached her and helped her hike out.