High winds wreak havoc in Skagit and Whatcom counties, warning in place until Tuesday

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. -- A high wind warning was issued Monday for Skagit and Whatcom counties, where gusts of up to 45 mph blew through the area.

Some people living in Skagit County say they were caught off guard by just how powerful the winds could be.

“It’s pretty crazy. It blew our trampoline over on my shop, blew a canopy over into my neighbor’s yard, and blew a garbage can across the street,” said Zeb Wiggin who lives in Burlington.

Along with high winds, Tuesday morning is expected to be a wet one and for those in Skagit and Whatcom counties, there could be some minor overflow in areas with high tides and wind.

One person told Q13 News the weather conditions have caused some local businesses to temporarily change how they operate.

“It’s been crazy. I just got off work. I work at Espresso Connection here on College Way and I had customers come through on one side. There was stuff flying everywhere, I had to almost shut down one of the sides. It was crazy, there was coffee everywhere,” said Livi Marker from Mount Vernon.

Even with the heavy rain and high winds, some others say they’re OK with the weather conditions.

“I love it. I was in New York over the weekend it was freezing cold. The breeze feels nice and I’m just glad there’s no wind chill,” said  Kevin Mestrich, who lives in Mount Vernon.

The high-wind warning for Skagit and Whatcom Counties is expected to remain until 4 a.m. on Tuesday. In the meantime, those we talked to say they’ll just stay put until the storm blows over.

“We’re waiting for the storm to die down to clean it up tomorrow,” Wiggin said.

So far, the Skagit River hasn't crested. That could change Monday night and into Tuesday morning.