High school student Isis King faces bullying, Facebook ban

ONTARIO -- An Ontario high school student with an unfortunate name says her life recently took a turn for the worse when she was banned from Facebook.

Isis King told CBC News in Canada she's been the victim of bullying ever since the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) rose to media prominence in recent years.

Though she sees plenty of abuse from students at her high school, King also said the harsh words come from online commenters.

"They'll call me a terrorist, or a freak, and say I don't belong and stuff like that," King told CBC News in an interview.

King is named after a prominent Egyptian goddess. And while she says she's proud of her name, she's grown tired of the hassles she's had to put up with. Especially now since Facebook forced her to change the name on her account, CBC News reported.

"Basically, I was just scrolling through photos and it directed me to this page, where it said my name and told me I have to change it because it was deemed inappropriate and fake," King told CBC News.

King said she briefly had to use a fake name on the social media site, before Facebook changed its policy as a result of the CBC news story.