High school seniors print, sell mural t-shirts for a good cause

SEATTLE -- Colorful and inspiring murals on boarded up shops and restaurants gave two Seattle Academy seniors an idea for their senior project.

Elena Zytnicki and Max Torres launched a t-shirt company called Community Threads, and decided to print the murals on their shirts. 100% of the proceeds from sales will go to the Ballard Food Bank and Marys Place.

With the artist's permission, they chose three murals including one in Ballard called Soon.

"Soon is one that caught our eye by Parker Studio. It just has this simple message that we're going to see each other soon, we're going to get through this soon," said Zytnicki.

They also printed the "Soap to the Rescue" mural that can be found on the storefront of Wild Rose in Capitol Hill, and the "Float On" mural that can be found on the storefront of Lost Lake, also in Capitol Hill.

"I really liked her message of going with the flow. I think sometimes, we really need to think of life as, don't worry about it. We'll get over this situation eventually. Float on, live your life and don't worry about everything," said Torres.

After just two weeks of selling their shirts, they've already raised nearly $2,000 to help the hungry and families needing shelter. Their shirts are also spotlighting local artists that are spreading hope during these unprecedented times.

"All these messages have this positivity and that we can get through this, and we will get through this. It's a bright light throughout Seattle," added Zythnicki.

You can buy shirts here.