High profile Colorado murder case of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine connected to Washington

BELLINGHAM, Wash. - A big case in Colorado now has connections to Washington. Mark Redwine was arrested over the weekend by Bellingham police after Colorado authorities asked for help to track him down.
Redwine is accused of killing his teenage son, Dylan, in 2012.

A recent grand jury indictment in Colorado lead to Redwine’s arrest in Washington.

A judge in Bellingham set bail for a million dollars during an extradition hearing Monday. Redwine did not waive his rights, so the governor of Colorado will have to request his extradition, which could take up to 90 days.

Bellingham police say Redwine is a long-haul truck driver and was in Washington for work.

They say the trucking company helped track Redwine down through the use of a GPS tracking system.

Police say Redwine acted surprised when he was arrested.

“His demeanor was very compliant. He was Mirandized immediately, and he made no statements,” Lt. Danette Beckley said.

Redwine has always denied involvement in his son's murder, and he got some national attention when he appeared on the Dr. Phil show refusing to take a lie detector test. The indictment says evidence links Redwine to his son's murder. Detectives found the boy's blood in his living room and cadaver dogs indicated there was a dead body in the bed of his truck.

Prosecutors say Dylan’s remains were found near Redwine’s home, including the boy’s skull, which showed blunt-force trauma.

Prosecutors say Dylan had an estranged relationship with his father and was forced to visit Redwine through a court order. Redwine is divorced from Dylan’s mother.

Surveillance video that captured the father and son before Dylan’s disappearance shows little interaction between the two when Dylan came to stay with his father in Durango, Colorado in November of 2012.

Dylan’s mother has been suspicious of her ex husband and was hoping for charges for years.