Helping the homeless during cold weather

SEATTLE -- The recent cold snap has been especially difficult for the homeless in our community.

That’s why A Seattle church and the South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce came together to help the homeless out, by giving them a warm lunch and hundreds of winter coats and socks to make the cold weather a little more bearable.

Organizers say they're building a relationship with those who are struggling.

"Sometimes it's easy to just give a handout, like 'hey here's a coat,' or 'hey, here's some food,' which is important, but how about friendship? How about a relationship? I think that's one of the most critical things,” said Tim Gaydos, Pastor, A Seattle Church.

Volunteers collected coats and donations for months to prepare for the lunch.

They say they expected to serve several hundred people in need Saturday, and by the time they had opened their doors the line was already stretched around the block. About 400 people were fed.

If you wish to contribute, contact A Seattle Church or the South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce. The event was sponsored by Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Caffe Vita and Seattle Goodwill.