Help prevent your child from getting lice this school year

Kids are heading back to school, and school administrators are reminding parents to get your kids checked for lice.

Lice Spies held a lice inspection over the weekend at the "Girls Soar" empowerment day in Everett, providing free lice inspections to any kids who wanted them.

Experts say it's important to catch this kind of thing before school starts, so it doesn't spread to other kids.

"It's really important to get a head check.  Come to a professional or use that comb, and run the comb through the hair and see, in fact, if you do have evidence, coming out," says Cathy Baran, owner of Lice Spies.

If you're concerned about lice, it's best to minimize head to head contact.

People with longer hair can keep it up, or tie it in a ponytail to minimize contact.

And finally, you can use a peppermint spray to deter lice from moving in.