Heavy slush causes 'treacherous' conditions on I-90 along Snoqualmie Pass

Snow, slush and slippery conditions forced drivers to use extreme caution while traveling through the mountain passes, Friday. Washington State Department of Transportation required chains for vehicles that don't have all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive along Stevens Pass.

For a period, WSDOT also lowered the speed limit to 45 MPH on I-90 along Snoqualmie Pass as drivers got their first taste of winter in the mountains.

“It’s pretty treacherous,” said Bryan Delmar Saxon, who was traveling through Snoqualmie Pass. “We had a total blackout—got hit with that water spray coming off the road. There’s a lot of signs that say down to 45 now and there’s a lot of water on the roads.”


“Cars in the ditch, cars in the median. People just not paying attention and not driving with a winter mind,” said Robin Rathbun, who was traveling through Snoqualmie Pass.

Before Saxon loaded his dogs in his all-wheel drive car, he said he made sure to get new tries for the winter season.

“Full tank of gas. Make sure you’ve got some blankets, some chains,” said Saxon.

Despite the slick conditions, some drivers said they are excited for the winter weather.

“It’s beautiful! It’s the Northwest, c’mon,” said Rathbun.

“We drove out here just to play with our dogs in the snow,” said Saxon.

Carrying chains in the car and having traction tires is very necessary in the mountain passes. WSDOT said beginning November 1st, drivers are advised to have those chains and traction tires when traveling through high elevation areas. WSDOT has more information about chains, tires and advisories on its website.