Heartbreaking loss for Gonzaga basketball fans

A national championship slipped away from Gonzaga basketball fans after the Bulldogs lost to the Bears on Monday night.

Zags fans flocked to Docks Restaurant and Bar in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Many of them graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane.

"This group is the most devoted bunch of Zags fans you will ever meet," said Jenny Huston. "I mean this table right here, where we’re sitting, we’ve been at this same exact table every game, all of March Madness, our group of friends, same seats at the table. Yeah, we love it."

"Definitely nervous, working on that a bit here," said Brian Sherman as he sipped his beer. "They’re such a good team this year so there’s a little bit of confidence, but yeah, a lot of nerves."

Fans kept waiting for Gonzaga to make a comeback, but unfortunately, the team lost to the Baylor University 86-70.

Despite the tough loss, fans told Q13 News the Zags had an amazing and unforgettable season and tournament.

"It was such an incredible place and we loved it so much, you carry on that spirit with you and it’s forever. It’s indefinite. To have a team like this and have the rest of the world watching them right now, this team that we always love through thick and thin, it’s incredible," said Huston.

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