Heart-wrenching video: College football players react to learning team will be cut


BIRMINGHAM -- Powerful video of University of Alabama Birmingham football players being told their school is cutting the football program was released Tuesday.

"My dad comes to every game," cries one distraught player. "What am I supposed to look into his face and tell him?"

According to ESPN, the university announced the decision to end the program Tuesday, minutes after school president Ray Watts met with Blazers players and coaches.

A campus-wide study conducted by a consulting team revealed that the football program loses the school vasts amount of money, and should be cut, ESPN reported.

The team, which went 6-6 this year, met after the announcement, ESPN reports. Many of the players said they chose UAB over dozens of other options open to them in order to be close to their families or play for a school with history.

Now, their football futures are in doubt.

Many students and faculty are protesting the decision, which jeopardizes the UAB's membership in Conference USA.

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