Healthy Living: How to combat bullying & talk to your kids

Sadly, bullying is a part of growing up.  I'm sure over the course of your own life, you've faced a bully, witnessed someone else being bullied, or maybe you've been the bully yourself.  I know I've experienced all three of those scenarios, the latter of which, I'm not proud of.

The internet and social media have taken bullying to a whole new level.  People can now hide behind screen names, belittling others with seemingly no consequences or remorse.   Others bully right out in the open for all to see.  They're not afraid of how their hurtful action will negatively impact someone else.  Maybe that bully is struggling too, and doesn't know how to get help.  Whatever the reason, the answer to the problem must be working together, becoming aware, taking action and offering support.

Every week we are exploring a variety of topics in our "Healthy Living" segments.  Since bullying can have a lasting affect on a persons confidence and mental well-being, I thought this was a good topic to cover.

Rene Czerwinski with Pacific Medical Centers stopped by our studio to share some important advice on bullying.  We discuss how to spot the signs your child may be struggling with bullies at school or on-line.  She also talks about how to arm your child with the right tools to face a bully, assert themselves and respond.  Finally, she offers up guidance on starting those important conversations with our kids about how they're feeling and the resources available to help them cope.