Health officials sound alarm on the dangers of vaping alcohol

Just as the vaping epidemic seems to be getting under control, health officials warn that a new dangerous vape is trending.

People are using alcohol vape machines to get drunk quickly, and it's especially harmful to kids and teens.

Some do it to avoid the taste of alcohol - or the calories - but health authorities say they can't predict the short-term or long-term effects of vaping alcohol.

"Remember that when you are inhaling alcohol, it's not just the ethanol that's in there that you're inhaling. You're inhaling the dyes that are in there. If you're using something that's flavored, whatever flavoring agents are in there, and those chemicals, we have no idea what to expect, what effects those have on the lungs," Dr. Ann Arens said.

Some experts say inhaling alcohol is just like binge drinking, and it carries the risk of alcohol poisoning and lung damage.

It's a big concern for parents and doctors.

"So for younger people that are attracted to the e-cigarettes, the vaping, those kind of things, this is another product for people that are naive to alcohol, now potentially are being exposed to huge amounts of alcohol that they're not used to," Arens said.

At least 30 states prohibit alcohol vaping machines