Health officials concerned over COVID-19 surge as weather gets cooler

As we head into the weekend with chilly temperatures, local health officials are on edge. COVID cases are higher than ever in many parts of the state, and officials worry the cold weather could have more people indoors together-causing further spread.

It’s what none of us want to hear.

“The risk of acquiring COVID-19 is higher now than it has ever been," said Dr. Jeff Duchin.

Duchin with the King County Health Department said this is the reality as colder, winter months approach. As of this week, King County alone is averaging over 300 new cases daily.

“These are linked to social events, activities with friends, parties, celebrations, weddings, and other recreational activities," said Duchin.

Health officials already say too many people are being too social. Adding in cold weather and people flocking inside, it’s safe to say they are very concerned.

“COVID-19 spreads readily indoors, especially in closed spaces without good ventilation and longer times spent together, and when masks are not worn," said Duchin. 

Dr. Duchin encourages people to pay attention to ventilation-open doors and windows whenever possible.