'He led with his head!' This is what it's like to be in the room when Pete Carroll tackles a whiteboard

SEATTLE – Even by Pete Carroll’s usual standards, this was over the top.

Richard Sherman confirmed on Saturday that the Seattle Seahawks' coach did, in fact, aggressively tackle a whiteboard while the team was hanging out in a downtown Minneapolis hotel last Saturday night.

He also confirmed it was exactly as insane as it sounds.

“I thought that was it - that moment when he loses it, I can pinpoint it,” Sherman said.

It all started when Carroll was talking shop with safety Kam Chancellor in the hotel's ballroom. The next thing anybody knew, Carroll was flying across the room toward the whiteboard, hitting it so hard it shattered.

“I didn’t think he was getting up, and I didn’t think the whiteboard was getting up,” Sherman said. “And I was hoping nobody filmed it, because you guys would be watching … we’d be watching that all day long. It’d be like one of the top (videos), have like two million views in 20 minutes.”

Sherman said Carroll has shown the team a video of himself making a hard hit as a safety back in his playing days, and that tales of the 64-year-old’s were not exaggerated.

“His form was phenomenal,” Sherman said. “Pete knows how to tackle. The whiteboard wasn’t the best thing to tackle, but he led with his head though, so the league might want to talk to him.”

“I’m assuming by the way that he hit the whiteboard that he was a physical safety. He led with his head!”