Hawaii lava flow speeds up, threatens small town

CNN) -- Lava flowing toward the village of Pahoa from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano picked up speed over the weekend, prompting emergency officials to close part of the main road through town and tell residents to be prepared to evacuate.

The lava flow was advancing by as much as a foot per minute Sunday night, according to the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

Video shot by Hawaii County and provided to CNN by affiliate KHNL showed fires burning at the edge of the lava flow, consuming fields, a fence and a cemetery.

The civil defense agency said it was sending workers door-to-door in the community of 945 people Sunday, informing them of the possible need to get out should conditions become too dangerous.

But most have already left, according to CNN affiliate KHON.

"Most people have vacated. They have moved out of their homes. There's only a few people left," the station quoted Hawaii County Civil Defense worker Franchesca Martin-Howe as saying