Happy Fourth of July! It’ll be lightly cloudy and in the mid-70s as you celebrate

SEATTLE -- Terrific weather for our 4th of July! It'll be dry and mild.

We're starting out with clouds, but should clear out nicely this afternoon and top out in the mid-70s.

By 10 p.m., as fireworks shows get underway, some high clouds could move in, but fireworks are very low in the atmosphere, so high clouds will not impact viewing of fireworks at all. It'll be in the mid-60s as those fireworks go off.

Friday, it'll be mostly cloudy and a tad cooler, low/mid-70s. The weekend looks partly sunny with a slight chance of a shower and highs in the low/mid-70s. All in all, a pleasant 4-day holiday weekend!

By the middle of next week, we'll be warming up and could nudge 80 again around here. Despite the bit of rain, we had recently, it is still VERY DRY around here.

Be extra careful with fireworks!

For the full forecast in your area, follow this link.