Gunmen attack medical marijuana grow house, kill homeowners' pit bull

CENTRALIA - Police are looking for several armed suspects who reportedly kicked in the front door of a medical marijuana grow home, fired several shots and killed the homeowners' pit bull.

The home invasion happened around 10:30 p.m. Thursday in the 1200 block of Marion Street, Centralia Police told Q13 Fox News' Tom Yazwinski.

According to police, three men kicked in the home's door and fired six shots. Nobody was injured, but a pit bull was killed in the shooting. The suspects fled a short time after the shooting, and didn't take anything from the home.

The suspects were allegedly looking for money, police said. Police have been to the home before, but not for any "serious criminal activity," Sgt. Kurt Reichert of the Centralia Police Department said.

Ten people were home -- including six children -- at the time of the home invasion. The homeowner told Q13 FOX News that the gunmen busted in and started screaming for money and marijuana.

"It happened so fast," the homeowner said. "It was all the sudden there's these guys with these guns pointing them everywhere and shooting everything."

The homeowner says the dog was trying to protect his family.