Gun shop owners worried about impact of proposed Tacoma gun tax

TACOMA, Wash. - Community members in Tacoma are pushing back against the city’s proposed gun and ammunition tax.

The city of Tacoma is looking to make buying guns and ammo more expensive in the city.

The proposed tax would be $25 on all gun purchases, 2 cents per round on ammunition .22 caliber and less, and 5 cents per round on all other ammunition.

It's a proposal that has business owners worried about what this will mean for their livelihoods.

“They’re throwing me away,” said Dan Davies.

Davies and his wife have owned Mary’s Pistols for about 15 years. He says when they opened their shop, Tacoma was in need of a family-owned gun store.

“People like the idea of me and my wife taking care of their firearms needs and treating them like people,” said Davies.

Davies says if the gun tax passes, it will put him out of business.

“They’re hurting my family; they’re hurting my friends. This store is a lot of glue that holds a lot of people together, and throwing it away, no matter what your view on firearms, is a really bad move,” he said.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, others voiced their concerns over the proposed tax and said they worry the tax will push gun businesses out of the city.

“I first want to very sincerely and respectively acknowledge the vast majority of gun owners are responsible,” said Tacoma City Councilman Ryan Mello.

Mello says the tax has nothing to do with putting gun shops out of business, but instead, is focused on helping keep Tacoma safe.

“It’s not going to solve the entire problem, no one thing is, but I believe we have to do everything we can, and this is one of those small steps,” said Mello.

The council will vote on the tax at their next meeting.