Growing memorial for brothers who drowned in Spanaway Lake

Families were back swimming at Spanaway Lake a day after two teenage brothers drowned on Sunday afternoon.

The victims have been identified as Hamadi Musa, 14, and Ramadani Mberwa, 15, from Spanaway, according to the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office. Their deaths have been ruled as an accidental drowning.

Investigators said the boys weren’t strong swimmers, and the older brother went under trying to save Musa.

There is a small, makeshift memorial for the brothers and signs asking for lifeguards at the designated swim area.

Qui-Ana Reynolds, 25, said she had chills driving back into Spanaway Park. She saw the boys get pulled out of the water by the dive team in Pierce County.

“You think about the future they would’ve had together and then the memories they could’ve made,” said Reynolds. “I don’t even know how to process it because it’s just, it hits home, it hits a lot closer than I thought it would.”

Reynolds grew up spending time on Spanaway Lake. She said the water has always been murky and full of milfoil, which is a plant that grows in the water and grabs at your feet.

It could’ve been a factor in the drowning and search for the boys.

“The human body can’t survive that, and so knowing that they pulled him out, you know, at that point all we could do was pray for the mother and pray for the family because we knew she lost her sons that day,” said Reynolds tearfully thinking back on the tragic loss.

A gofundme has been set up for the family to help cover funeral expenses.

"These brothers were as close as two brothers can be. They would have done anything for one another," the GoFundMe says.