Groom sexually assaulted bridesmaid 2 days before wedding, police say

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Two days before his wedding, police say a Pennsylvania groom sexually assaulted a bridesmaid, the Morning Call reports.

The wedding party had been rafting on the Delaware River—and, perhaps not surprisingly, drinking—on Aug. 30, and the 29-year-old bridesmaid told police she was so intoxicated she kept falling off her paddleboard into the water; she was put onto a raft instead and couldn't remember much after that.

By the time the group arrived at Monroe County's Shawnee Inn, she says, she couldn't stand on her own, and the bride-to-be of 28-year-old Daniel J. Carney asked him to help her to the parking lot. She says she woke up in the men's locker room with Carney biting and grabbing her; she then passed out again and says this time she woke up to Carney on top of her, with her bikini bottom pulled down. Then the bride-to-be walked in.

The bride-to-be screamed at Carney, per the bridesmaid, and police say the couple physically fought, WNEP reports. "It was chaos amongst the entire wedding party" that night and the next day, she says. Carney allegedly tried to tell people she'd followed him into the locker room, but he also apologized to her the next day and said he didn't know what had happened.

The morning of the wedding he again apologized, asked her to take day-after contraception, and asked "can we just be as happy as possible" for the sake of his wife-to-be.

The day after that, the bridesmaid went to a hospital and cops were called. They say they have surveillance tape showing Carney pulling her into the locker room and heard a phone call in which he admitted to the assault. He's been hit with multiple charges, including simple assault, per the Times News. (Bride, groom spend wedding night in jail.)