'Grim Reaper' walks the halls of Fife High School

FIFE, Wash. -- Police are using a scary technique to keep teens from drinking and driving: the Grim Reaper. With the prom right around the corner, cops say it's a very dangerous time.

Every fifteen minutes someone in this country dies in a drunken-driving crash or an accident caused by someone texting while driving. The simulation at Fife High School in Pierce County is designed to teach kids that they could be the next victim.

Police have staged accidents before – but in Fife, they’ve never used the tactic where the Grim Reaper strolled through the hallways in search of a new victim.

One by one, death taps 20 students during class and takes them away – all to prepare for a gruesome demonstration about the dangers of drinking and driving.

“Every fifteen minutes this is happening to a family,” said Fife Police Chaplain Gwen Bagne. “Families we know."

“Do you think it’s going to stick?” asked Q13 FOX News reporter Steve Kiggins.

“I think it will stick in a lot of cases because a picture is worth a thousand words,” replied Bagne.

The images at Fife High are supposed to burn into the kids’ memories, so they remember that driving irresponsibly has serious consequences. The program continues on Friday when the school holds a mock funeral. School officials hope that students take the lesson seriously as Prom happens this weekend.