Greenwood businesses and residents trying to clean up after devastating explosion

SEATTLE -- Businesses and homeowners in the Greenwood neighborhood are coming together after Wednesday’s devastating gas explosion, determined to rebuild and get stronger.

“We have no windows, but our doors are open,” Amir Razzaghi jokes, as he seats customers at Razzi’s Pizzeria.

He says his restaurant has been packed since people heard about the gas explosion just down the street.

“A lot of people came out, they were supporting my servers, and I really appreciate all of the customers.”

People who live in the Greenwood neighborhood say it’s hard to see all the destruction the explosion caused.

“It’s painful, it's a part of home that's broken,” says Laurie Mann, who woke up when the explosion shook her building.

She and her neighbors are supporting the businesses that are still open, and trying to raise money for the ones who lost it all.

“I see the people and they get together and just help each other more, support each other,” says Razzaghi.

Gov. Jay Inslee is also showing his support, taking time Friday afternoon to visit with some of the firefighters who were on scene when the buildings exploded.

“Thank you for being so well prepared, so well training, such good judgment. I want to thank you for that,” he told them.

The firefighters say, as bad as the destruction to the Greenwood neighborhood was, they know it could have been much worse.

“The ‘what if’ just keeps running through the head,” says Lt. Charles Meyer. “What if we were 15 feet closer, or if we happened to be walking past that building at that time?”

He says everyone was lucky to survive the explosion, and to be part of a neighborhood that’s showing its strength and resiliency now.

Mann agrees, “It’s a sad, horrific event but a really fabulous community response.”

Saturday morning, hundreds of people will be taking part in a community cleanup in the Greenwood neighborhood. They say they’ll be tackling the debris left behind from the explosion, and showing their spirit by painting murals and decorating all the plywood windows.