GRAPHIC VIDEO: Australian men perform emergency c-section on wombat roadkill, safely deliver baby 'Jeffery'

ADELAID, Australia – Two guys were driving outside Adelaid Australia when they spotted a dead wombat in the middle of the road.

“Chris Dimasi an myself went to move it out of the way an happen to see something moving inside,” wrote Dmrenzo Kotze on Facebook earlier this week.

Kotze says they found a knife and decided to cut the dead animal open to try and rescue whatever remained inside it.

Turns out the dead wombat was a pregnant female and the thing wiggling around inside was her baby.

The two men were able to perform a road side c-section and deliver the baby wombat safely.

“After all this we gave the baby a wash and found a woman who looks after them around that area,” wrote Kotze.

The little wombat is reportedly now in good health and the men have named him Jeffery.

The two posted video of the birth on Facebook and it has been viewed more than 4-thousand times in just a few days.

WARNING: The below video is extremely graphic and may be disturbing to some