Governor Inslee announces supplemental budget proposal

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Inslee's supplemental budget proposal includes:

—More than $178 million to cover the cost to fight last summer's wildfires.

—More than $137 million for mental health needs.

—Nearly $89 million to speed up removal of barriers to fish passage and to improve fish habitat across the state.

—More than $24 million for wildfire prevention as well disaster relief to help landowners and cattle ranches recover from losses from the 2015 fire season. Another $66 million would be used to continue already started disaster recovery projects.

—$25.5 million for general obligation bonds for about 36 toxic pollution cleanup projects statewide, including some new sites.

—$5.6 million to help the state transition to the next generation of 911 emergency calling systems.

—$11.5 million to preserve aging housing and keep it usable and affordable for low-income and vulnerable people and reduce homelessness.

—$3.4 million to hire more people to enhance the state's enforcement of antitrust laws.