Got Seahawks fever? How about some shoes or perfume for that?

SEATTLE  --  The 12s are abuzz with anticipation for the playoffs and, as that excitement grows, so do opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Lara Gustavson knows a good idea when she smells one.

"I went to grab my normal perfume and thought it's too bad I don't have a Seahawks perfume that's part of my gameday ritual,"  Gustavson said Wednesday.

So Lara bottled her "12 Scents" idea with the help of a local perfumer.

An attorney by day and entrepreneur by night, Lara finds inspiration from her favorite football players.

"I think of Doug Baldwin. He talks about failure and that it's a good thing. I'm always afraid of failure, but as things happen you just learn from it and you go on," Gustavson said.

Her website launched in September, and Lara said sales have jumped 30 percent heading into the playoffs.

"We definitely have noticed when there's a big win; the sales go up," said Gustavson.

Same goes for Hourglass Footwear in Ballard.  Lisa Strom and her staff paint each Seahawks shoe by hand.

"Whenever the Seahawks do well, we do well," Strom said.

And demand grows with the anticipation of the next big win.

"It's a good 50 percent increase for a couple of months," Strom said.

Thanks to some local inspiration, these business-minded 12s prove anything is possible.

"They (the Hawks) kept going and they weren't gonna give up and they never do. I think that's a great lesson for all of us," Gustavson said.

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