Google releases Seattle-area's top trending searches for 2022

Google Trends released the results of what people around the U.S. searched online most in 2022—and the Seattle-area’s results may surprise you.

The search engine giant compiled data across the country this year, giving a glimpse at the shared interests of communities in each state.

Google pointed out this year in particular, search terms including "near me" spiked this year compared to 2021, perhaps owing to eased COVID-19 restrictions and more people getting outside their homes. The data was validated on Nov. 7.

In Seattle, the top-trending search was "air quality near me." As recently as October, Seattle had the worst air quality in the world, due to an abnormally long and dry wildfire season.

Interestingly, the Seattle-area’s top trending animal was the "great eared nightjar," an owl-like nocturnal bird typically found in South Asia and Southeast Asia. More peculiar, that same bird was the top trend search across the state in Spokane.

According to trends, the Seattle area was the only place in the U.S. with "Indian grocery store near me" in its top trending searches. The top recipe was "marry me chicken," and the area’s most-searched music genre was rap.

The Seattle area’s top 10 searches break down as follows:

  1. Air quality near me
  2. Drug stores near me
  3. Gas prices near me
  4. Cheapest gas near me
  5. Remote jobs near me
  6. Estate sales near me
  7. Pilates near me
  8. Car shows near me
  9. Indian grocery store near me
  10. Concerts near me

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Take a look at the findings for yourself on the Local Year in Search 2022 page, and check the map at the bottom to check the search trends for everywhere else in the U.S.