Girl writes heartbreaking post on Facebook right before death

HENDERSON, N.C. -- A 16-year-old girl posted a heartbreaking question to Facebook shortly before authorities say she took her own life on Dec. 20, WLOS reports.

Now, her family is asking why she would have posted such a thing.

"Would anyone cry?" Amber Cornwell posted to her page the night she died.

Cornwell was laid to rest on the day after Christmas. Friends and family say they were indeed crying, and they will miss the girl who served as a light to many.

"I've been crying for days now," Sierra Crochet told WLOS News.

Cornwell was a honor-roll student, a tennis player, dancer and a member of the All County Chorus.

Her family and friends believe it was bullying that drove her to take her own life.

"They were just calling her names," Crochet told WLOS News. "And called her names and said she had not future and had nothing going for her."

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